Reclaimed Wood Fireplace (Part II)

Recalimed Wood Fireplace Part 2 | Rustic Wood Hub | Belgrade, MT

…Continuation of Reclaimed Wood Fireplace (Part 1) So after we picked up the milled wood from Rustic Wood Hub, we set up in the garage to cut the boards to length. We used a sliding miter saw with a 10# 160T blade. I picked up the blade at Lowe’s for $17. The higher tooth blade…

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Reclaimed Wood Fireplace (Part I)

Recalimed Wood Fireplace Part 1 | Rustic Wood Hub | Belgrade, MT

Given the right wood and the proper tools, creating inviting spaces with reclaimed wood can be accomplished with relative ease. In this project we updated the look of this mid 90’s home fireplace with a reclaimed wood surround. As you can see from the picture, we originally had our flat screen TV mounted over the…

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