5 Popular Uses for Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood continues to be a popular building and decorating material in homes and businesses. At Rustic Wood Hub we carry all kinds of reclaimed lumber and provide our wood to local builders and desingers, as well as furniture makers and DIYer’s. The following is a list of the top 5 uses for reclaimed wood that we’ve seen in and around Bozeman, MT.

1. Siding

External siding from reclaimed wood adds rustic curb appeal to any home! We get more requests for wood siding than just about anything else. We can mill our wood tongue and groove or shiplap to create a tight fit and clean look.
Corral Board Siding  | Rustic Wood Hub | Belgrade, MT

2. Wall Paneling

Interior wall paneling using reclaimed wood has exploded in recent years. We’ve seen it used on everything from dining room and kitchen walls to bathrooms and vanities.
T&G corral board wall paneling | Rustic Wood Hub | Belgrade, Bozeman, MT
California Home Wall Paneling | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT

3. Flooring

For those really looking to create a rustic interior space, there’s nothing like adding reclaimed wood flooring to do the trick! Our tongue and groove milling will ensure a tight fit.
Reclaimed Wood Flooring | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT

4. Doors

Reclaimed wood barn doors are a popular home decorating item and can easily be created by the DIYer in your family. There is an abundance of places online that sell barn door sliding hardware but a good ranch and hardware store should carry the real deal and usually for a lot less.
Corral Board Sliding Barn Door | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT

5. Furniture

Modern or rustic, reclaimed wood is great for creating that centerpiece in your home or office. Check out these great designs from a couple of local artists.
1x10 snowfence desktop | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT
This desk by Crucible Artisan Design and Fabrication studio in Bozeman, MT is a perfect example of modern furniture design using reclaimed wood.

This dresser is by Alta Woodworks, LLC in Bozeman. The business is owned by Jeff Debban, who gets almost all his wood exclusively from us.
Alta Woodworks Dresser | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT

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