5 of Our Favorite Pinterest DIY Projects Using Reclaimed Wood

We’re seeing more natural tones in today’s homes such as reclaimed wood, neutral palates and barn doors. Reclaimed wood has become a staple feature, and you can incorporate it in a number of ways. In our previous post we highlighted some popular uses for reclaimed wood. Depending on your level of expertise when it comes to building with wood, it may seem daunting to take on a project usually done by a contractor.

In this post we wanted to hi-light some of our favorite DIY projects we’ve saved on our reclaimed wood DIY projects Pinterest board. Take a look and don’t forget to give us a call if you need some wood to take on your next DIY project!

1. Corrugated Metal and Barn Wood Shelf Plans

Guide to make a book shelf using reclaimed barnwood and corrugated metal. These plans could be built using new or old wood and could be finished in many different ways.
Reclaimed Wood Shelf | DIY | Rustic Wood Hub | Belgrade Bozeman, MT

2. Easy DIY Shelves

One of the easiest yet high impact DIY home decor projects you can do is building a small shelf. It’s simple as far as handcrafting goes and you can design it to make a statement decor piece for display as well as extra storage.
DIY Shelves | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman Belgrade, MT

3. Wine Glass Holder

All you really need for this project is a great looking piece of reclaimed wood and some old nails or screws.
Wine Glass holder | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman Belgrade, MT

4. Dog or Cat Feeder

You can order this on etsy or you can make it! We’ve got all the wood you need to turn an ordinary pet feeder into a home decor hi-light.
Reclaimed Pet Feeder | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT

5. Hanging Baskets

This DIY Blog focuses on Creative, Cheap, and Chic DIY Decorating Ideas and budget decor for your home. We loved this hanging basket!
Hanging Baskets | Rustic Wood Hub | Bozeman, Belgrade, MT

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